In late februari-beginning of march 2012 i started my cycling adventure around Iceland. Besides, i also undertook some short hikes on my snowshoes. Somehow, after hiking i am always happy to be back on the bike again. But when hiking out, it seems to me like there is nothing like it. Which means, dragging along the whole lot on the bike. Just in case.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My First Days on the Bike

So it has begun. After struggling to get the fuck out of Reykjavik with his bicycle lanes sending you three times to the right over and under the highway instead of one time left, i managed and went my way to ├×ingvellir -, remnants of the gathering place a great and intriguing People -Vikings!- and wondered if soon, Chinese would come visit Brussels like that, marveling about that People that kept ranting philosophy until their noses were under water. And not only was it a kind of parliament, it´s also the place where the North-american and Eurasian continental plates drift away from each other.

Rupture of the continental plates!
For me though, it was pretty much white all the way through. What glory to start the journey on a bike with a light wind in the back, being on a good road surrounded by white after only two hours of cycling! The next day to Geysir which is the crux-of-the-bizz platonic archtype of all geysers i had fifty times changing weather. Nice, too hot, rainy, rain jacket gloves, gloves and pants on, snow, nothing, everything off again, snow, waiting, rain, everything on, and finally all that with a headwind, so hot and cold at the same time, no matter what the clothing, although on the long haul better with the rain stuff.

The roads were good the first day, but day two i had to put on my spiky tires. The sound it makes!! Cycling through all white, even the street, with the sound of rice crispies or kroepoek on the tongue, like driving over a street covered in bubble wrap? This just has to be soothing for the spirit, i know it for sure.

Blue sky, vast land, rolling hills, all white -give me some floating golden egyptian symbols and i am back in my Ayahuasca vision- and then a black cloud before me, somehow i stop to eat a snickers -cup of hot tea, because after all this is vacation- and decide to put on the rainstuff, and five minutes later heavy snowy hail with a strong wind right in my face to finish off the day. Before leaving, i thought it might have been a bit too much to take those mean ice spikers, but it might turn out that my normal tires could be the overkill ones.

Clouds up to no good

And as i drove out of the city, somehow the city drove out of me. Finally.

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