In late februari-beginning of march 2012 i started my cycling adventure around Iceland. Besides, i also undertook some short hikes on my snowshoes. Somehow, after hiking i am always happy to be back on the bike again. But when hiking out, it seems to me like there is nothing like it. Which means, dragging along the whole lot on the bike. Just in case.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Basically i just sit here in Ghent with some friends, having coffee while they work, and beer when they sleep. Getting motivated by some who think i should and getting focussed by others who think i shouldn't.  Getting depressed by those who don't really bother. Drill holes in my Surly Front Rack to fit the oversized eyelets of my monstrous bike. Just recently stopped doubting whether taking the plane to Iceland from Brussels, or cycle to Kopenhagen first because suddenly it seemed to me i should wait the worse out of the winter. So, eventually i decided to go to Iceland straight away, and while booking the flight the weather turned and it seems like slushy sleety snow and rain for the near past and future. Yep, time is closing in! I really should pack my bags but somehow that's always to be done late at night, just before leaving. Better have another beer in the mean time.
All part of the mental preparation.
Three hours before leaving

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  1. Hello Tom. Nice trawel, my Italy travel is here